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Precision Components for Printers and office automation industry

Precision Components for Printers and office automation industry

Archem is a leader in precision components for the office equipment and laser printer industry. Technologies developped by Archem are embedded into major laser printer brands products to support excellence in rendering and resolution.

Technical excellence to create high resolution images

Obtaining an accurate and beautiful print that is affordable for the end user requires end to end technical excellence in the ability to ensure high quality and consistency for each and every components of the printer.
We support our customers in meeting increasingly sophisticated end user needs by leveraging our advanced production technology to meet most challenging electrical, mechanical and physical specifications.

Quality Control System to Guarantee Superior Performance

Building a high performance product is not enough. You need to be consistent. We have established a strict quality assurance system to ensure supply stability and consistent quality.

Wide Variety of Materials

Printers are used all over the world and require to have environmental adaptability to be able to print reliably in cold or tropical regions. In order to meet the various requirements of our custom // ers, we select appropriate materials from our wide range of material variations to meet the customer's application and propose precision parts for printers and office automation equipment.