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Chemical Products

Archem serves different markets with polyurethane foam and other high-performance materials. We create and sell products based on polyurethane foam (Everlight®) leveraging our advanced resin processing technology.
Our proprietary technologies have enabled us to create a line-up of high-value-added, highly functional materials. The Everlight® series has a wide range of applications, spanning from automobile interiors to components for home appliances, office automation equipment, furniture, sundry living goods, household goods, medical and health-related products, contributing to people's comfortable living.

Urethane material

  • Everlite®

    Super lightweight, soft and shock absorbant, Everlight® has many properties and applications for cushioning, heat-insulation, soundproofing, industrial material and sundry goods.

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  • Everlight SF®

    Everlight SF® is a unique material with three-dimensional skeletal structure. It is made by processing polyurethane foam to completely remove membranes within its structure. It is used in many applications such as filters, cosmetic puff, ear pads for headphones, clothing...

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Function materials

  • Everlight Moran®

    Everlight Moran® is an EPDM rubber with excellent weather and heat resistance combined with a strong durability, making it suitable for use under harsh conditions. It can be easily compressed with little force and has excellent watertightness and airtightness.

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  • Everlight AH Sheet

    Adhesive sheet made from polyurethane foam. Available in two types: direct adhesive and adhesive with reinforcement paper. Used for vehicles, light electric appliances and construction machinery.

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  • Everlight Microcell Foam

    A unique compounding technology has enabled Everlight Microcell foam to have an extremely fine cell structure, which has never been seen in urethane foam before. Used as sealing and soundproofing material.

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  • Halogen-free flame retardant foam

    A urethane foam that achieves high flame retardancy without the use of halogenated flame retardants.

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