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Halogen-free flame retardant foam

Until now, flame-retardant soft polyurethane foams have mainly been made flame-retardant by using vinyl chloride and antimony combined together. In recent years, vinyl chloride and antimony have been taken up as environmentally hazardous substances by green procurement, and there is a growing trend to avoid the use of materials containing these substances.

In response to this trend, we have developed flame-retardant technology without using vinyl chloride, antimony and halides, which are expected to be banned as environmentally hazardous substances in the near future.

Halogen-free flame retardant foam

Main features

  1. Complies with UL94 HF-1 without the use of environmentally hazardous substances such as vinyl chloride and halides, and achieves high flame retardant performance.
  2. Compliant with the green procurement requirements of various companies, including those involved in light electrical appliances and automobiles.

physical properties

※Flame retardant properties.

  • There is a range of thicknesses that are compliant with MVSS, A-A and UL standards. For details on thickness, please inquire individually.
  • A-A standards have been passed by specific organisations, but we do not guarantee the performance.
Type Apparent density
hardness(N) flame resistance Features and applications
DG 23 90     HF1 For light electrical appliances, OA and vehicle applications
Sound-absorbing and sealing materials
CG 28 100     HF1
VV 28 120     HF1
VO 35 100     HF1
STXC 55 200     HF1
Microcell UBT 65 0.2     HF1 Sealing materials for light electrical appliances and OA applications,
Space-saving thin cushioning materials,
Thin sound insulation and sound absorption materials