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Everlight SF®

A urethane foam with very good air permeability and drainage properties, made by specially treating ordinary urethane foam and removing the foam membrane.

Everlight SF®

Main features

  1. uniformity, which is not required for conventional fiber-based filter media. Cells (pore diameter) range from coarse to fine, allowing a variety of choices depending on the application.
  2. The three-dimensional skeletal network structure provides high collection efficiency, low pressure loss, sustained air-conditioning equipment capacity.
  3. With its very high porosity of around 97%, it can hold a variety of substances and can be used as an impregnation base material.

ether type

product sign Cell range(pcs/25mm) Features
QR-17 14 and above and below 20 General-purpose type
QR-20 16and above and below25
QT-13 10and above and below17 High hardness type
QW-09 8and above and below12
QX-20 17and above and below23
QX-30 27and above and below34
QX-40 35and above and below45
QP-16 13and above and below19 Soft type (microbe-loaded)
QF-50 45and above and below55 Flame retardant type
QZ-70 60 and above microcellular type
EG-25 20and above and below30 Low resilience types, furniture and bedding

ester type

UL94 certification.
There is a conformity range of thicknesses. Please inquire individually for details on thickness.

product Cell range(pcs/25mm) Features
Standard materials HR-06 4and above and below8  
HR-08 6and above and below10 Light electrical appliances and office automation equipment
HR-13 11and above and below16
HR-20 17and above and below23
HR-30 27and above and below33 Air elements for engines
HR-40 37and above and below43
HR-50 47and above and below53
Flame retardant material HB-08 6and above and below11 Light electrical appliances and office automation equipment
HB-13 11and above and below17
HB-20 17and above and below23
HB-30 27and above and below33
HB-40 37and above and below43
HB-50 47and above and below53
Other. HM-50 44and above Various sundries
HF-55 50and above Ear pads, sundry goods, cosmetic materials.
HP-70   Carrier rolls, cosmetic materials
HW-80   Cosmetics

※Ester-type polyurethane foams may deteriorate over a short period of time, depending on the environment in which they are used.