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Everlight AH Sheet

Everlight AH Sheet is a high-performance “sheet of soft polyurethane foam with adhesive” developed by combining soft polyurethane foam technology with the latest adhesive processing technology. Everlight AH Sheet manufacturing process integrates end to end quality control from foam to adhesive, so that it can be used with peace of mind.

Everlight AH Sheet makes it possible to easily attach (adhesive) the desired form to an object.

Everlight AH Sheet

Main features

  1. Superior adhesive performance especially on adherends such as ABS materials, painted steel sheets and steel plates.
  2. Excellent adhesive performance is also exhibited on PP and PE materials, which are generally regarded as difficult to stick to.
  3. Both long rolls and short plates can be produced.
  4. Various urethane foam base materials can be selected according to application, including materials with excellent sound absorption and thermal insulation performance.
  5. Any thickness of urethane foam base material is possible, from 3 mm to 60 mm.
  6. Post-processing is also available, such as punching into specified shapes, half-cutting, etc.
  7. Release paper with low peel resistance is used to facilitate workability during use.

Main applications

  • Sound-absorbing material around engines of construction machinery
  • Sound absorbent around engines of agricultural machinery
  • Sound absorbent material inside generators
  • Sound absorbent material inside printer enclosures.
  • Vehicle pillars, roof insulators, air conditioner surroundings (sealing material), radiator surroundings, inside front mirrors, harnesses.

Type D (direct pull adhesive)

Part number Reinforcing core material Type characteristics Cross-section view
(Water-based adhesive)
  1. the adhesive is directly drawn onto the foam body, and can be used in a wide range of applications due to its relatively low cost compared to the R-type.
  2. Compared to the R-type, it has superior adhesion to fine uneven surfaces.
  3. The organic solvents conventionally used as solvents in industrial adhesives have been replaced by water-based solvents, which reduces the impact of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) on the environment, such as sick house syndrome.
  4. Can be used as a VOC and odour reduction measure for double-coated adhesive tapes using organic solvents.
  5. Directly pulled adhesive may cause peeling if applied in a stretched state.
(Water-based adhesive)
  1. with adhesive directly applied to both sides of the foam body.
  2. Can be used to attach the foam between the adherend and the adherend.
  3. Some substrates may not be compatible, so please consult with us.
  4. Directly pulled adhesive may cause peeling if the adhesive is applied in a stretched state.

Anti-VOC adhesive products D-150

Until now, when it came to industrial adhesion, including double-sided tape, it was natural to use organic solvents. This is because they are the most effective for fully demonstrating adhesive performance. This time, our company has developed a water-based adhesive that can withstand use in industrial applications.
By replacing organic solvents with water-based solvents, we are promoting consideration for the health of our customers and those involved in production, as well as for the surrounding environment of production plants. It also prevents sick house etc. caused by minute amounts of volatile solvents in housing and vehicle-related applications where airtightness has increased.

R810 "Type-specific characteristics"

Part number Reinforcing core material Type characteristics Cross-section view
(Water-based adhesive)
  1. Adhesion to the adherend is good due to the increased amount of adhesive applied compared to the D type.
  2. Adhesive-backed foam can generally cause peeling if it is applied in a stretched state.
    This R-type foam can be attached to the adherend with good dimensional accuracy and adhesive performance is greatly improved because the reinforcement material prevents the foam from stretching.
  3. Even under severe punching conditions, etc., the adhesive does not sink into the foam, so it can be processed with peace of mind.
  4. Water-based adhesive with a reinforcing core material. For use with water-based adhesive only.
  5. Manufactured on a line dedicated to water-based adhesive, so there is no risk of contamination from outside.
  6. Can be used as a VOC-reducing and odour-control product for double-coated adhesive tapes using organic solvent-based adhesives.
(Water-based adhesive)
  1. As the high-strength nonwoven fabric itself is not directional in tension, it can be attached to the adherend with good dimensional accuracy.
  2. When attached to CR rubber sponges, etc., the non-woven core material cuts the influence of plasticisers, etc., which have a negative effect on the adhesive, thereby preventing a reduction in adhesive performance.
  3. Can be processed freely without worrying about directionality during processing.