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Everlight Microcell Foam

A soft polyurethane foam with a very fine cell structure, which could not be achieved previously by utilising advanced compounding and foaming technology. It has very low air permeability and fine cells, making it a material with excellent sealing and sound insulation properties against toner and other fine objects.

It has passed UL94 HF-1 for flame resistance. It is also halogen-free, flame-retardant and has passed UL94 HF-1, making it a material that can be adapted to green procurement by various companies.

Everlight Microcell Foam

Main features

  • ・Sealing material for fine toners, etc.
  • ・Thin sound insulation and sound absorption material
  • ・Space-saving thin buffer material
  • ・Various confidential materials

special characteristic

※UL94 certification. There is a conformity range of thicknesses. Please inquire individually for details on thickness.

Material Density (kg/m3 25% Hardness (N/cm2 Cell diameter (μ) flame resistance
Microcell UBT 65 0.2 100~350 UL94 HF-1 UL94 HF-2

※The figures are measured values, not guaranteed values.