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Everlite is available in two types of polyurethane foam: polyether-based or polyester-based. The difference is whether the polyol, the main raw material, is ether (single-bonded) or ester (double bonded).

Although they are similar soft polyurethane foams, there are significant differences between them in terms of their properties, and each should be used in the right application. 

General ether form. General ester forms.
General physical properties Density(kg/cm3 16~50 26~100
25% hardness(N) 20~500 100~300
Growth (%) 80~300 150~500
Tensile strength (KPa) 50~200 50~300
Cracking strength(N/cm2 3~12 7~17
Compression residual strain(%) 2~10 3~7
Cyclic compression residual strain(%) 1~6 3~7
Hysteresis loss(%) 25~40 35~50
Thermal conductivity(Kcal/mh℃) Circa 0.030 (lighter density is better) Circa 0.030 (lighter density is better)
Electrical resistance(Ω/cm) 1012~14 1012~14
Durability heat-resisting property(℃) highest Circa 90℃ Circa 100℃
regular Circa 70℃ Circa 70~80℃
Water and moisture resistance Great stability and resistance to deterioration. Tends to deteriorate particularly quickly at high temperatures and humidity, and in alkaline and acidic conditions.
Oil resistance Swelling and reduced strength. Less swelling and less strength loss.
Recovery occurs when oils are removed
Weather resistance Good for indoor use, but gradually deteriorates outdoors. Slightly better than ether-based
Soundproofing Good Good
Thermoformability Good Good.
Generally superior to ether-based systems.
Flame laminability (thermal bonding) Material for frame lamination is good Good
Cell Uniformity Normally Good.
Generally better than ether-based systems.
Size Generally, it is difficult to vary the size of the cell. Various cell sizes are easy to create.
Colourability (when foaming) Easy Easy. Vivid colours.
Punchability Good In some cases, the edges stick together when punching.
Products with improved punching properties are good.
Abrasion resistance Good Good.
Generally superior to ether-based systems.
Examples of compatible applications Cushioning, clothing, packaging and sound-absorbing materials Cleaner materials, speaker edge materials, sound absorbers, thermal insulation and other industrial materials.