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Contribute to a carbon-neutral society simply by placing this product on your mattress
Archem Inc. launches D-sleep Eco, which achieves a combination of environmental friendliness and comfortable sleep, by adopting its first palm-derived material

Archem Inc. (based in Minato-ku, and headed by Satoru Kusano, Global CEO; hereinafter referred to as “Archem”), which manufactures and sells urethane products, has launched D-sleep Eco, which provides the same feel as existing products*1 while being environmentally conscious, by employing Archem’s first palm-derived material. D-sleep Eco is available on Archem’s website from June 5th, 2024 onwards.


■ Product features of D-sleep Eco

– Employs Archem’s first palm-derived material

■ Features of the D-sleep series

– Easy to place! Simply lay it on top of your usual bedding
– Support for comfortable sleep leveraging over more than 70 years of urethane manufacturing technology*2

*1: D-sleep series
*2: We started manufacturing and selling mattresses in 1952 as part of the chemical product solution business of Bridgestone Corporation, which used to be our parent company.