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Contribute to a carbon-neutral society simply by using this product during your daily dishwashing
Archem Inc. launches Sustainable Sponge, which achieves a combination of environmental friendliness and ease of use by employing its first palm-derived material

 Archem Inc. (based in Minato-ku, and headed by Satoru Kusano, Global CEO; hereinafter referred to as “Archem”), which manufactures and sells urethane products, has launched Sustainable Sponge, which provides the same feel as regular kitchen sponges while being environmentally conscious by employing Archem’s first palm-derived material. Sustainable Sponge is available on Archem’s website from June 5th, 2024 onwards.


 Sustainable Sponge, the launched product, employs Archem’s first palm-derived material. Although there is only a limited number of plant-derived industrial products available around the world, Archem is contributing to a carbon-neutral society by compounding palm-derived polyol during manufacturing (patent pending) to reduce effective CO2 emissions from manufacturing caused by incineration. This product provides the same lather and air permeability as regular kitchen sponges, enabling you to effortlessly lead an environmentally aware life simply by using it during your daily dishwashing.

 Since people around the world are increasingly paying attention to being environmentally aware and to carbon neutrality, Archem is also actively making efforts as a urethane manufacturer by considering the application of this plant material to a variety of products in the future. We will continue our research and development in order to enhance customer comfort and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

■ Product features

– Employs Archem’s first palm-derived material
– Realization of the same feel as petroleum-derived kitchen sponges with our technological capabilities developed over more than 70 years*

– Size that everyone can easily use

*: We started manufacturing and selling mattresses in 1952 as part of the chemical product solution business of Bridgestone Corporation, which used to be our parent company.